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>> "inside washington" is brought to you in part by t american federation off govement employees. afge,re information about visit >> the united states ndemns outrageous and shocking attack. week, fr americans die hitsti-american violence the middle east. >> an apology primerica values is never the right course. the ramificatio of the chicago's teacher strike. this is a strike of c choice.
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it is the wrong choice for the ildren. pennsylvania, challenging law. >> er i.d. it is a crinal defense against dedemocracy. captioned by the national captioning institute >> someone releases a crudely anti-muslim video before americans died in libya. protesters stormed the american embassies in egypt and yemen. suddenly, thee c campaign is no economy but the president conducts foreign policy. the administration was wrong stateme supplies had breached who embassy in egypt instead of condemning their actions. >> governor romney seems to have first and to shoot and later. president, i have learned you cannot do that.
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the american embassy in cairo the continuinged misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings muslims. at 10:15 a.m., a crowd began to outside the cairo embassy. eventually scale walls and pulled down the american flag. at 4:00 p.m. easrn time, they the american embassy in the -- in benghazi killing 4 including ambassador stevens. >> this should shock people of around the world. >> at 10:00, romney issued a statement that it was that the obama administration's first response condemn attacks but with those who the attacks. 10:00, politico quoted the
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administration saying the statement by embasassy cairo was by washgton and not reflect the views of the united states government. on thursday, t wall street that romney's -- politicalcalled the pas was to attack pundit class. do you believe that? evan? putthis is war room bluster out by the young people. this idea you have to attack away is mindless. i do not think it will ick. >> earlier in the week,ou telling roey to go to he. thoughts onon that? >> no second thoughts. i believ the timeline you gave vindicates what
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romney did. you said the statement was issued in the afternoon. the white house and obama were about it. no withdrawn until romney said a disgrace, which it was. all of audden the state was notnt says it authorized? statementhe only out of this administration. the u.s. embassy released it and behalf of the governmen the initiation said nothing. it was entirely ndicated. formery, you are a officer. what do you think? >> protetection of the embassy s ofimately the responsibility the host government. thatat is e established in realy and treaty. having seen the egyptiaian embay how theyimes, i wonder
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have scale wallsls. we have many security people there as well as soldiers. >> there are no marines in libya. consulate.he are in tripoli. th timline of what they do is another matter. if the state chip --he was issued by romney before criticizing t the actions , but for they .dministration took place there was just no time. >> "ththe wall street journal" the parons of the
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press s corps were also attende. feeling they are by this debate. how about it was romney damage? he was damaged in part becausthe waway they characterized the first message from the embassy. ththe administration and others treated differerently. mbassy issued that in hopes avoiding a protest. in alerting the egyptian people did not government embrace this offensive movie. what they were trying to do was ward off trouble. that is not an apology for american values. addition, no matter what t intentions were of any one, oce an american -- four americans -- were killed, now's o cut the politics out. be a debate. obviously, republicans and
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havave different policy v views. nothing wrong with that. perfectly legitimate debate. when americans have been pulls together. i think when it comes to plic romney did to himself, that is where the real mistake was made. >> this residency did not exist iraq war when americans were dying. sden there''s this about an american dying have a we cannot discussion. it's ridiculous. created by the media. as the state depepartment implid in denouncing or withthdrawing e statement, not only is it a humiliation and embarrassment to apologize, it does not work. >> they never apologize. there was never the word ology. they never said it was an apology. never. >> this wle thing is nonsense. a junioior press officer at the
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embassy wanted to say something nice t to the muslim i thought it was a senior gu >> it is nt the secretary of state or the president. have at this campaign reaction,s an instant fire.- atter what the other side does, they just fire off. romney's campaign, without thinking, they blast away putting romney in position. >> abc issues a statement. cares to put it out. world years and as the only statement out of the obama administration. nothe statement issued was an apology. was issued in anticipation of a reaction from community to their film. that was not an apology. it took a clear position of denouncing that kind of activity respectct to the sensitity
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people of different religious faiths. also talks about 9/11. >> how did that exceptional sensitivity work out? it did them. that does not mean they should not have t tried. he did not have the statesent of the united to appease a mob of. we have to take a break. and the mom was on it's y. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance.
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we will bring t their killers to justice. sending mixed signals to those who attack ourmbassy in egypt and mixed signals to the world. the forei-policy debate. journal" saysreet the u.s. is perceived as a deining popower. as that perception spreads, t world's bad actors are asserting to fill a vacuum and american interests will targetsngly become unless the trend is reversed. do y you agree, colby? >> what you he are people who are exploiting the situation. perhaps it happened inin libya. they joined the protests but
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were be on doingxact what they did. >> down there realize that -- >>here was some evidence tha this was planned. we have to get all the facts right. the initial analysis of what is been really cousing. we didot know at first if the actually killed. he was outside in his car, hit attack?ket you have to sort these things out.t. you do not just shoot from the hip because you feel a certain in your gut. >> there is a danger to over- reaction. columnas an interesting saying washington post" moms that are quick to jump. then therere these radical grou that like to exploit the situation which is a threat to nd libyan regimes.
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an interest in cooling this down. it united states stirs the pot, hurt the regime. >> what is our relationship with egypt? the president said there not an ally. it's not great. we have a better chance of the muslim brotherhood than a crazy group. >> i think that was a stake for the president to say that. i think he was trying to put himselftance between the government there, but that's wrong. have a relationship with them. we better. we are putting billions of dollars into egypt. how can you not callhat an alliance? he e called a work in progress. we d he an established relationship, as colby says. a work in progress in theing to know who knew much weip is and how can interact with them. we still send them billions of year and that is a relationship that we have. >> not since its birth six
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decades ago ha israel been so cast adrift. your words? we're talking about netanyahu a red line in iran. >> the u.s. position in israel is that they have to wait. look at w what's happening, happening that woulgive any confidence to that there is any slowing iranian program the iaea and reported that the slowing butot accelerating. the armenians have doubled t thr nuer of centrifuges in their in the mountains. s impregnable. the negotiations we had in baghdad, and stempel, they have clapsed -- baghdad and istanbul have completely collapsed despite the fact we concessions to make allow enrichment. two weeks ago, , 120 nations in tehran, so every
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argument from has been shown not to rk. that wiwithinnow not have anywill capacity to actually attack the program. is why it is reacting. tell us that if we did not t, will. don't, we have to. >> the deaheth of an ambassadors rious, but this is a much re impoportant. a classic lose-lose situation. if israel attacks in or the u.s. attks iran, there can be w with bad consequences.s. howeve if we allow iran to bubuild a bomb, that will also e really bad consequences r the nations ithe region. way, the u.s. loses. a as s the chi
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>> i told them i cannot make it haveday because i did not child ca. i had no where to send my child today. "chicago parents and other about whamplainin costing them. 29,000 teachers, 350,000 studts not in scschool. they say it's about raiding the teachers. rahm emmanuel is buttg heads with them. last seein washington as the house chief of staff for the obama administration. will this have ramifications for the presidential electn? do't think it will. this is a fight between the mayor and his teaeachers union. but 20 other states are the b stuff. >> thahat's a different issue. the reforms that you look at, chicago,'re doing in they are really cutting edge.
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it is not just rm emmanuel. are lots of experiments in cities to try to improve schools. here in d.c., we have had fights abousimilar issues. >> we have a lot of charter schools. administratioion is thosetive of many ofof types of experiments. the education department has ways, for it, in many same reason, trying to get our education system back up in a a rectionng the kids get the kind of need for the new outs ofobs that e there. moment, short-term, it affect this president. is huge. politicall it's huge bebecause the teacher unions historically helped democrats get elected. putting at risk his supporort from theeacherers' union. >> they are already out there helping him. >> if this strike went on and he d taken position, he would losing a lot of unions
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educationally,ahm emmanuel is a hero. scols inhicago were a joke. they had a a very short scol year. in the realto get world. he took a big risk. he's a hero. >> is this about teacher qualifications? about party. it's also about teacher accountability. bring intry to ccountability to the school system, that h been the case the nation's capital and but it's inevitable. are things you have to take on. look at the performance of the school system. the lararge percentage of k kido complete school in chicago. school system that was run duncan, now secretary of vindication, was in charge of that school system. "chicago teachers make on average $7600 per year. eanuel wants s longer a longer school
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year. the average earner in earns $47,000 per year. if you have people earning x tehers making 50% were offered a 16% increase in salary and yet when strike precisese because they want be held accountable. i think ron emmanuel right. hope the clinches the dealal by sending the head o of the as he once did, in the past, a dead fish. that often works inn these kinds of negotiations. >> we will see. of negotiations. when you first got internet at home
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tng we are here for one the governoand legislators know that voter i.d. is wrong, based on a lie. the president o of the philadelphia naacp. the s supreme court in pennsylvania heariring arguments the new voter i.d. lot. woulders - voters not qualify. terms of this mean in this election? >> the target cell. in pennsylvania,a, unlike some f issueder states have things, but that is a big swath of people. but it is pretty diverse. from urban people who do ave i.d. to seniors.
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it catches people who traditionally vote republican people who traditionally vote democratic. you have an identification to airplane, drive a car, so forth. in texas, they have a similar law. it was submitted by eight it including a court of appeals judge. their record show their identification and it on someally it hard people. the head of the inublan party this saying shares would take certain voters out the polling places tells us right there that they think it will be good for them. it's no question that these laws favor republicans. it suppresses voter turnout. more typical for democrats. >> if you look at the supreme indiana inion on
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2008, the majority onion 6-3 by that liberal john paul svens said it was absolute the constitutional and there was no reaso why should not be enforced andt was upheld, as will the others. >> the batting record right now is not so good. >> if you vote x and the oth a ringer or a dead have lost your vote. it has been canceled. it has an onerous impact, a on minorities.t >> fally, bradley birkenfeld helpered $104 million to how the swiss bank ups helping amemericans hide money fshore. he is currently residi in a halfway house after bring more thahan one year in federal locked up for his the tax evasion scheme.
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will be further punished for because he will have to the $104 million as regular in. birkenfeld is the last word. thank you. will see you next week. >> "inside wasngton" is you in part by the american federation of government employees. work. to mamake america af for more work. to mamake america af for more in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we'r'e proud to work with all those
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